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“If you want something to listen to while you read this, click the link above – it should finish by the time you do!”

Right where to start…. Well, welcome to my site, glad you could make it and I hope you like what you see :-)

I suppose the best thing to do is go right back to the beginning and take you on a journey from there – it’s what I try to do with my music so hopefully I can do half as good a job with my words without waffling as much as I already have lol!!!

Back in the age of the dinosaurs, this bloody great bit of rock hurtled towards the Earth and when it smashed home it killed all the giant lizards and stuff… We all know that but what a lot of people don’t know is that this rock cracked open and I crawled out…

I spent a lot of time soul searching and trying to find out why I was here in this strange alien world until one day a million or so years later I bumped into this deaf dude playing a piano and I discovered music….

I dipped into music of different genres and when the rave scene took off I used to get all of the mix tapes featuring DJs such as The Rat Pack, Slipmatt, Randall,  Easygroove, Carl Cox and of course hometown favourites such as DJ Force & DJ Steve ‘Psycho’ Bates.  As far as music genres was concerned I’d found my thing & at the time it was called Rave Music or Hardcore.

My hometown was blessed with one of the best hardcore nightclubs on the planet, “Oscars”, which held regular All-night Raves and thanks to some rather lenient doorstaff I was able to see some of the finest underground turntablists first hand in an atmosphere which would rarely be rivalled.  Then as soon as I turned 18 that was it and I was off all around the country at all night events that sadly we’ll probably never see the likes of again but it was safe to say that I was hooked….

Music was something that had always been an important part of my life though (partly through some rather irritating pushy parents deciding that having an unpronounceable surname wasn’t enough and I should play a variety of unfashionable musical instruments too) and when I first began my teenage years I got the opportunity to play a few warm up set in Franks Nightclub (now known as “Wahoo”) to be honest, most of it sounded like a train crash but there were a couple of mixes that worked and I knew which ones they were… the next time I touched a record deck wasn’t for 5 years and coincided with me travelling the country to the likes of United Dance and Dreamscape but this time I somehow picked it up instantly and within a couple of weeks was playing on a Pirate Radio Station “RAW FM”.

This led to me getting my first nightclub residence at The Zone where I played for 6 months until the club was bought by new owners.  I had some great times here and so did everyone else (again due to having some rather lenient doorstaff lol!!!).

From here I kicked on, I earned a residence at Oscars and played there until it closed – a night which coincided with the misfortune of having my entire bag of records (dated 1992-1993) go walk-about…

I was gutted and I ended up turning my back on the scene that I loved to play other styles instead.  Remember this was still on vinyl so it cost a fair few bob for each tune so deciding which style wasn’t that simple – initially I went for dnb and hardhouse which were the two other scenes that I was most influenced by at the time and before long I settled purely for dnb.

As a dnb DJ I pioneered the Friday night show on Switch FM with cohort Danny Dark under the suedenyms Mr Blonde & Mr Dark.  We had a major laugh and developed a comedy double act that surprised us as much as anyone else.  I ended up playing other sets on the station, specifically an old skool show which finally took me back to my roots.

At this time I picked up a lot of other bookings –  Sunday Service in the cockney pride being the most noteable.

Then along came Epitomy….  They booked me for a couple of dnb nights and we got chatting.  Inspirational sparks flew and in no time at all, Lynn and I put on “Epitomy: The Old Skool Extravaganza”.  It’s safe to say that I would never have done this without Lynn – Lynn’s knowhow, Lynn’s equipment, Lynn’s money and I guess most importantly, Lynn’s drive and organisation – ALL things I was lacking in!!! I put in my passion for the music and my years of writing pretend line-ups for my dream rave if I ever won the lottery lol!!  With Lynn’s direction I designed all the flyers with my partner in crime Dizzy and I put together some of the best sets I’ve ever played.

It was a resounding success and regular events only increased in popularity until a sound restriction placed on the venue ended something that will always be remembered as being very special… One of my only regrets is that we never moved on to another venue… *sigh*

Something very important happened at the last of these that we ran (apart from DJ Force and Jamie Ritmen playing sets!) I bought a cd deck and played on three decks.

Once on cd I’ve never looked back – the variety of music accessible as we all know, is absolutely limitless.

The last time I ever played a set using vinyl as well as cd was at UK Dance.  Vinyl takes up a big place in my heart, and an even bigger part of my front room but for now, it has been consigned to history.

Using cds, I earned a year long residency at Vice Versa, playing commercial stuff as well as UK Garage, Trance, House, DnB and even a couple of heavy metal and rock sets!!  I played commercial brit pop and Indie in Tom Peppers and TP’s in Colchester and finally realised the statement that other people had often made about me which was that I “could mix anything with anything!” !!!

The biggest nights I’ve had the pleasure of playing at since moving to cd were Hardcore Shenanigans, where I played a Gabba set and Mayhem DnB, which I helped to organise and played the peak time set between Heist & Kenny Ken.  Both of these sets were blessed with the added bonus and pleasure of having MC Junior rejoin forces with me which he seemed to make a point of doing whenever he was about, sadly though, this was for the last time.  Hopefully I should have both of those sets available for download shortly ;-)

When the residency came to an end I took a year out and then decided to get myself a website to get myself moving again and this is where we meet again…  I’ve got plenty of sets I’ve recorded to share with you and there will always be more in the pipeline.  I’m probably not gonna venture into the commercial side of things again because the promoters of those nights are just as happy to have someone behind the decks simply pressing play and stop as they are to have a turntablist who can actually mix and blend and give the crowd something unique but never say never, after all money talks and I’ve gotta fund my project to rebuild my rock I came here on so that I can one day go home!!!